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Parking Lot

Parking  lot  drainage in NJ is typically  subject to greater regulatory  considerations to reduce  the volume of stormwater runoff  to the street, to prevent erosion, and to avoid the spread of  pollutants onto neighboring properties and ultimately streams and rivers.

Commercial buildings and industrial facilities are  required to have a storm  drainage  system in place to  properly control and dispose of  runoff   water from  rainfall storm  events as well as snow storm events.

These types of drainage systems can involve installation of a variety of  drainage components, including:

  • drainage pipes
  • curbs,
  • gutters,
  • ditches,
  • floor drains,
  • manholes,
  • sump pumps,
  • french drains

The  primary  purpose of  parking  lot drainage installations is   to   move excess rain water quickly   and   efficiently to the storm sewer so it has a very with  minimal  impact  on  the  vehicle and   pedestrian    traffic    in the street and    the    surrounding  properties.

We can install a drainage system for parking lot to remove   water   quickly from paved surfaces so there is no standing water and your parking lot and business is not flooded.

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