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If you need to install a new water line or replace or repair your water line in New Jersey, we’ve got you covered.  We offer a variety of water pipe line repair options to ensure you get the best water line pipe replacement for your nj property at a low cost. Any – water mainPipeLine. Call us today for more information on NJ water line repair services, water line replacement or water line installation.




If you need to install new sewers or have your old sewers repaired, contact A1 for the best sewer service in NJ. We can do excavation and sewer pipe replacement or sewer repair, as well as more modern trenchless sewer repair methods.


Our sewer services start with sewer camera inspections of your sewer pipes to find any broken pipes, leaks, collapsed sewer pipes, tree roots in the pipe, sewer belly or whatever else is causing your sewer pipe backups.  Once we know the cause and location of the sewer problem we can get to repairing or replacing sewer pipes as needed quickly and easily.


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When you are contemplating sewer repair of underground sewer lines, you probably think you will have a backhoe dig up the sewer line destroying your yard landscaping and maybe even your driveway with excavation. Today your sewer can often be repaired without any excavation at all using trenchless pipe repair methods or direct drilling.

No dig pipe replacement and installation services in NJ



Repair your sewer line today with minimum effort and fee with A1 sewer services! We can do it faster and at the lowest cost!

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Trenchless sewer pipe repair uses the existing openings to the sewer line to run a new pipe through so no excavation is required and trenchless repair can be completed within a day or two. If you’re dealing with potential sewer repair, contact us with any questions for thorough, honest, and helpful advice to help you make the best choice for sewer repair.




Our team is able to provide NJ home and business owners with drainage system repair and installation quickly and with long lasting results. No matter how your property is designed and the type of flooding problems you have, our team  can create and install a variety of inexpensive drainage products to create a long term solution to water collection or basement flooding.

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We are experienced in drainage installation and drainage repair in a variety of drainage products from a perimeter french drain, sump pump drainage system, basement waterproofing, driveway drain installation to storm drain installation.



Every home or commercial property has multiple drain lines running through the drain system, flowing to the main sewer line which is connected directly to the city sewer line.

Over time, drain pipes will crack, leak and decay causing frequent drain clogs that seem to come right back after the drain is cleared.

We can conduct a drain line inspection with a camera and help you figure out what is wrong with your drain and repair your drain system in the fastest, most cost-effective, and long lasting way possible.


Need to excavate underground pipes on your NJ property?  Our pipe excavation contractors team can handle preparation and installation of all types of underground piping, including sewer and water line installations, sewer pipe repair, storm drains, wastewater pipes, sewage systems, septic conversion and more.


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We can dig trenches quickly for fast effective repair and installation of underground sewer lines, water lines and drainage systems. Spot pipe repair is often faster and cheaper than trenchless repairs.  Call us for an estimate and we can give you low cost options for the repair and replacement of underground pipelines.


Tree roots in your sewer line can do a lot of damage!  If your sewer line has a crack or a loose joint the water vapors will attract tree roots, which will grow towards and around the sewer line, often breaking the sewer pipe joint and growing into the sewer line.

broken sewer pipes, cracked sewer joints with tree roots

This can further cause broken sewer pipes, cracked sewer joints and collapsed sewer lines.